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Preseason Sports Annuals

For more than 50 years, Athlon Sports has been a leader in sports content with a rich heritage of authoritative predictions and analyses. 

These preseason annuals offer dominant preview coverage of the sports avid readers just can’t get enough of. They fuel that unmatched “can’t wait for the season” passion for the enthusiasts who follow every detail of their favorite sports.

  • 10+ titles, with regional covers/coverage (5 regional NCAA Football, 1 National NCAA Football, NFL Draft, NFL, NFL Fantasy, NCAA Basketball, MLB, and Racing)
  • High-quality, full color glossy pages with professional photography
  • Premium ad positioning to entice local advertisers available!



Special Interest Publications  

Leveraging our access to a wide variety of content, we are able to offer our newspaper partners access to premium publications.  These publications are high quality, averaging 100 pages each. The professional photographs and captivating topics are sure to engage your readers and provide the perfect premium for your bonus days.

Upcoming 2017 Topics include:

  • 100 Women Who Changed History
  • The Life of John F. Kennedy: A Centennial Celebration
  • 100 WAYS TO LIVE TO 100 and Love it!
  • 100 Best HAMBURGERS
  • Brain Power: Unlocking Your Full Potential
  • The Beatles & The Summer of Love: 50 Years of Flower Power and Cultural Revolution


Curated seasonal content, themed slideshows, interactive mobile additions and video content by topic available upon request.  


Local Knowledge Study

The 2016 Local Knowledge Study, commissioned by AMG|Parade reveals that 77% of consumers rely on local newspapers for community news and information, including printed copies of newspapers, newspaper websites, social media sites and newspaper apps.